24 Mar 2010

The Script for the Lascivious Umbrella

We see a wardrobe door.

Hand opens it

Puts the Umbrella in

There we see:

Umbrella after a slight pause notices the raincoat

He… calls for attention (by slightly widening his canopy few times first slightly and slow than a bit faster)

Waits for her response looking at her ( few moments of only slightest moves)

She turns to him and slightly ‘jogges’ showing an interest

He is excited and doesn’t wait to begin the performance

He JUMPS! in the air and POPS! Wide opening the canopy

Gets down bumping the flor a bit and leanes slightly back just to...

Start the shaking of the canopy in the way a peacock shakes his feathers.

Dances around her slightly stopping at a different points ( like just to fix the moment)

(finishes the ‘circle’ around her)

He again leans down to the ground abit (but more than the last time) and slightly closes his canopy

Jumps in the air! ( this time higher and more enthusiastic as well as drawing a curve in the air ( he is next to her and she is slightly turned to him) Popping open in to a hart-shaped canopy

And steadily,like a lightest balloon goes down beating like a hart ( such impression is created by the convulsing outlines or the continuously ‘beating’ colour)

Just before reaching the ground (one fourth of a fall) he comes back to it’s normal canopy-closed shape

And lands in to a split

Makes a slight move towards her to see the reaction/answer.

She’s amazed, she ‘jogges’ now stronger and claps her leaves

(MCU) they are getting closer to each other…

(CU) and closer…


Doors open wide,

Quickly the hand reaches for ...(everything's seen from the hand angle)

(Hands POV) grabs the puzzled raincoat.

we see a shocked umbrella!(while hearing slapping door sound)

And (‘AAAwwww’) umbrella’s left disappointed… :/


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