22 Mar 2010

Jan Svankmajer - Darkness/Light/Darkness

We see a pair of hands being confused and yet searching for something that is important to them (as we go along we understand they are looking for missing body parts and trying to make sense of them experimenting as they go along).

Interesting how hands are in control. Even if the head is being properly constructed – it has brains, eyes, tongue etc. it still isn’t in charge, and only passively watches what hands are doing or suffers if they are being incautious ( bump the head with the doors).

I’m not quite sure what’s the idea or the meaning of this animation, I sure want to ask. If anyone has a suggestion, interpretation or answer don’t hesitate to write it J

But this is once again a very creative work from Jan Svankmajer, something really rare to see.


  1. I expect Freud would have an answer! Something about the libido no doubt!

  2. Hm...I read more about it and the more confused I got :D Well, I'm planing to write my time machines essay using theories of psyhoanalysis, so probably I'll be investigsting Freud quite alot.Perhaps it will all make sence then :D