8 Mar 2010

Initial Ideas for the Story

Its really almost i don't need to create any stories, it tells it self.

Act one:
Its a rainy day and woman is walking down the street.She wears a nice and shiny rain coat and carries a kind of ruff-looking umbrella. ( umbrella fancies the raincoat since he slightly touches it) She enters home opens the closet and puts both the raincoat and the umbrella and close the door.

This is where thing really wake up. Umbrella first of all "Calls" for the attention from the women raincoat. When she respond he starts 'The mating dance' - a really funky, bizarre dance - its where he shows his beauty, he shifts to something spectacular.

the raincoat is pretty amazed, and starts fancying the umbrella, and they are about to reach each other...

Act 3:

But the door quickly opens and the women's hand grabs the raincoat and the umbrella is shocked and left to wait.

I think this idea works. It just told itself. There might be slight changes where necessary as in the previous unit :D

So should I be seeking for another idea or this one is working nicely? :)

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