21 Mar 2010

Coat's und Umbrella's Character Design

Animation is going to be about an umbrella who is lascivious over the women rain coat. So I have adjusted character design according to the story.
I've designed a raincoat which doesn't lack of female body shapes. I chose yellow for it is a stereotypical colour of raincoats.

The umbrella itself seemingly has two different designs . The first one is before the moment he sees the raincoat - its modest and quit bland , like Bill Plymton - a notable animator,who created 25 Ways to Stop Smoking points a sensible note of why should characters be designed that way:

"I think characters should be ...really normal; sort of non-discript in his characteristics, because when something weird happens to him, when he's excited.. there is a real contrast. That's the secret of good animation, the movement between something that is sedate to something that is extreme"

The modest version of umbrella has coloured contours, but the shape and the type of it is rather choppy and should remind a ruff and old umbrella for a man.

But than in the story umbrella gets excited after seeing a very sexy raincoat and tries to impress her in a way very similar to how birds try to impress mating partners - by their charming looks and mating dance.

And I suited that by giving some extra patterns and colours to the "ruff-looking" umbrella.
I got the inspiration for patterns and colours after seeing peacocks and bird of paradise mating dances. ( The blue colour I saw in the bird of paradise never left my mind :D )

I still left a question mark about the design of the characters. I might go for simplifying the design, purifying from unnecessary details.


  1. Oh,sorry, on one picture here I saw an elephant - I'm reusing the paper from the animation workshops (beeing green that is :D) So don't be worried, it's not halucinations :D

  2. Looks great. Like the idea of the umbrella having a pretty pattern undernieth. Plus the elephant is cute :)

  3. I love the pattern on the umbrella, no wonder she/ he wants to mate. lol

  4. CHeers! I think I made coats pose to excited here :D Because ist's the umbrella who's lascivious (sexually aroused)over the coat :D

  5. I guess the idea for the coat is more like Eve in wall-e, a quite plain and indifferent pose.

  6. she is goin going to be quit indifferent , the poses here, or the still I shoul dsay rather, is at the moment when umbrella finishes his dance.