28 Feb 2010

Storyboard: The Very Beginning of the one Minute Story

In the beginning of the story I thought to draw the background - the space where characters find themselves, because there's not a lot of actual action happening - we are only acquainted with what's the environment, whats the relationship between the characters etc. When "things will get more complicated" and there will be lots of action arrows I think I'll loose the background for both it is taking time and it distracts from understanding what's the action.
And maybe few opinions if I'm concentrating to much on the style, do the drawings "talk" because It's reaching the point when It's hard to see it objectively


  1. There's lots to relish in your expressive style, Jolanta - but, if i'm being honest, it's not clear to me what's in your character's hand - the idea of dropping out the background detail is sensible once you've established the environment; in terms of showing your characters 'thinking' - yes, this aspect is very readable.

  2. oh, thanks! :) My brother said the same about the mouce -the object that little guy is holding.

  3. These look fantastic Jolanta, Im jealous. :)

  4. I think it's a huge compliment here :D :D Thanks :D :D. But don't be too jealous, they say its bad for your looks :D