10 Feb 2010

The Script for the storyboard

I wrote a script (i think so :D ) for the 1 minute animation idea.
So far , it seems, there will be minimum 50 separate panels in the storyboard (if not more, because there are few complex shots)
I'm not finding it complete. There will be changes, I can tell already.
But most importantly I wanned to map out what actions are going to happen during that minute. I hope the sequence is going to work, because, yesterday, when I was writing it at the moment of the story's peak I even started writing it faster, finding myself intense :D and maybe..Maybe that's a good sign :)

ACT 1:

(Wide shot) of circus arena full of cheering crowd and elephants walking around, and circus equipment and two acrobats waving to the crowd in the one side of the arena

(((extra dissolves to show cheerful elephants in (close up) one raising his nostril + (long shot) of one of the running also cheerfully. (This introduces them as playing elements in the animation))))))

(2Long shot) of two acrobats standing in a very theatrical expressive and self–exposing pose , (which right at the beginning gives a clue of their overgrown egos) the shot concentrates on showing that they are concentrating on the crowd and are about to perform for them.

(Medium long shot from the side, showing his but and spine)Fat acrobat bows to the crowd where as

(Medium shot directly from front) the thin one takes his hat down for the crowd

(Camera track) (Sound of crowd cheering) an obstacle rout is shown: very long ladders (fastening the cam)
, a tight rope they are going to walk (slowly),
Again ladders this time ladders in the right side of frame (accenting the jump area)
a narrow basin in which they’ll dive (camera slightly “slipping” to low and then focusing the basin (with the sound of split water)

(Jump cut or a colored stream towards the prize to Big close up or) of a shiny price – statue of an acrobat.

(2 MCU- split focus) suddenly turning their heads and exchanging vicious looks with each other. – It’s a certainty – they find each other as huge competitors.

(Close up) A mighty signal of a horn gives a sign to start the raise.

ACT 2:

(medium shot) the fat one leans toward one side of his pants to reach for the pocket

(CU hand and mice) takes little trained mice ( with a little hat like his own)

((Mice POV from behind seeing the thin acrobat running towards the ladders) runs towards the thin one and

[Squealing noise of mice] ( OSS from the fat one climbing the ladders) watching (cheek is “bumped out” – he is smiling) the thin one does a “funky chicken dance” –he’s being tickled by the mice

(LS profile fat) climbing the ladders

(MCU thin one) taking the mice from the back and turning the head , watching visiously the fat one).

( shot composed : from high above- 1st plan – the fin one way above on his ladders and 2nd plan - the fat one on top of the little platform )

(CU of the thin one) twisted expression of the face ( tongue slightly out in one corner an that eye is shut aswell) the thin acrobat picks up few ballbearings from his pocket

(CU of ballbearings in the hand)

(Profile MLS ) twists in the sneaky and revengeful pose tightly holding ballbearings

(cam from slightly above moving slightly forward MS) throws them
(MCU Cam from the side of the hand that trown the ballbearings and the releaved “Poch”-sound-making facial expression)

( CU elephants nostril) the ball bearing is inside the nostril of an elephant

(CU ) he frowns ( zigzaggy nostril) frowned eyes, ears closed [Slight sound of

(CU) he prepares to sneeze (question mark nostril, eyes widely closed) wide ears [the same slight sound]

[MCU] he SNEEZES!! (straight nostril ears tight to sides eyes strongly closed)
((((All three frames slightly opposite angles, the last one straight – 180)))

LS the crowd in amazement ! [ GASPS!!!]

(establishing shot) on one side tiredly looking ( touches eye with the nostril legs all together shyly positioned, he’s all clamped; the whole arena and the crowd around to first plan (in dark shadows –only shapes) a scared fatty jumped slightly above his rope. The ball bearing near to him.

(LS ¾ of the fatty – camera track) hit in the belly (an appropriate expression)
He’s just above the rope in the air in a grasping position

(LS profile tracking shot) thin one spinning in the air few left bal bearings walks nicely on the rope in a very happy state.

(LS of the fatty) He manages to grab the rope with one hand looking angrily.

(Camera from front MLS fatty) he climbs on the rope, keeping on watching the thin one all the time

(Cam from above establishing shot) runs on to the ripe to the crossing point of the ropes

(LS) From the front Jumps on to the thin

(Profile MLS) one’s head and chest

VLS He svirls to back and front

M2S (one slightly above another slightly under) slips from the tightrope

MS they fall down grabbed each other in the air – showing with their mouth opened (one is frowned another has lifted eyebrows faces away from each other.

(Cam from high above) they fall in to the tight basin – water spills around them – eyes wide opened

(MS) both start to struggle, holding hands to each others faces (fazes exaggerated

Cam right in front of them, basin in one side of the frame) they fall on one side

Cam from slight above – wide shot) the basin rolls the C shape towards the award

(Awards point of view) 1st plan –award, 2nd plan - the basin breaking apart – both those two lying (one facing the ground another holding his hands back on the floor.

(Award point of view) both of them reach intensely for the award

Profile LS – one is holding the top, another the bottom and stretching it to different sides

CU hands and award
CU fatty face struggling
CU thin one Face
ECU fatty angry eyes
ECU thin one Angry eyes and twisted lips

ECU the crack of the price (!!!)

Cam straight in front of the two VLS disappointed holding long to slow fade out [ironic sound]

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