8 Feb 2010

Research for the story idea: One man band (2005)

It is a animated short about two characters competing with each other to prove their best and.. to get the oh so precious golden coin ( the mucgufin) from the little girl.

The One Man Band animation gives a clear idea what may own story could be like. It involves two competing sides. Everything starts from the challenge (to earn the golden coin). What follows is the set of destructive actions from the two characters. Its happening so intensely between them that they FORGET the initial goal and fall deeply into the game of their own that reaches culmination (the coin is lost) The end is somewhat disappointing to them. Not only they didn't prove anything (which one is the better performer) but loose (destroy their goal with their destructive actions) what they reached in the the first place.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9U6uFNex00&feature=related - enjoy :)

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