4 Feb 2010

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

This is the movie I chose for my essay as well as to ‘decipher’ its storyboard (1min. of it).

This film is one of my favourites.

“The story is about beauty, about truth, about freedom. But above all these things it is a story about love”.

It is a tragically romantic story about love between courtesan and a writer and how their love would overcome all challenges.
There’s also interesting connection between their story and the story of the play they are organizing – one story line affects another one or reflects upon it (if I made it clear).

But it isn’t all tears and pain, since this movie is a combination of genres such as Musical, Drama and Romance. It’s a theatrical and passionate film with its dances, actor performances and the style in which it is created.

The sets are ‘overcrowded’ – but in a suitable way. The dominant colour here is red (with greens yellows and blues complimenting it). The film took the quite a few awards for its art direction.

But when mentioning film’s style I also think about the way it was edited, the way camera works in the film. I think this is one of the key aspects why this movie is such a delight to me. The editor is Jill Bilcock who also edited Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet .
The pace of images flicking trough is intense. only after seeing it quite a few times I manage to fully understand what’s being shown.
But in the ‘real world’ there are very conflicting opinions about the way this movie was post-produced.


  1. I'll be showing this movie next year as part of your 'Postmodernism' Theory series - on the big screen - in surround sound - I love this movie too - lots of people don't - but, hey, they're idiots! :-)

  2. Yes! I'm on the right course! :D :D Yes again ! :D