4 Feb 2010

La jetée (1962)

A very interesting experience. Not what I’ve ever seen before. La Jetee was a peaceful flow of images. But at the same time I could even forget it was a film made of still frames .

The plot: “While at the Orly pier, a boy sees a man shot. Shortly afterwards, World War III breaks out and Paris is destroyed by nuclear war. As one of the survivors, the now grown man is chosen as part of an experiment in time travel because he has a strong grasp on a moment in the past – the image of the man being shot at the airport. He is successfully sent back in time. But there he falls in love with a girl and defies orders so that he can return and be with her.

The film felt almost hypnotic ( in a good way). I think it was partially because of the way the illusion of movement was created – overlapping images and using dissolves. It gave the dreamlike quality to the film (what is suitable, since its about a time traveller).

Oh, and there was a moment when the girl actually moved. And this move felt really powerful and strong, because we already were used to still images. This gave a clue also, why it is better, for example, special effects modestly in today’s movies – because it has a bigger impact.

I tried to concentrate on the editing and more or less on the camera movement but the delicious black and white imagery constantly grabbed my attention :D

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