21 Feb 2010

Gogol Bordello - gypsy punks

When I started thinking about how should my characters look like, instantly I remembered this group I first saw this summer in a festival - Gogol Bordello.

It's a multi cultural band - all the members are from different countries, like for example the lead singer is from Ukraine. It's really amazing group,specially to watch their live performance :D
(“You can’t stop Gogol Bordello. You can only hope to contain them.”)

But back to why I'm writing about them.

When I saw them I immediately noticed how kitschy the style was - the clothes, accessory's etc. Nothing suited to nothing :D but in the same time everything was complimenting each other . It just gives very specific feel to the Character.

But that's true as well to the Lautrec's cabaret and over all to circus theme

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