4 Feb 2010

Deciphering the Storyboard of Moulin Rouge

This is what I have so far. It is only ..20 seconds of it.
I chose the scene , or the tiny bit of the scene where the story of the play is presented to the Duke.
What I noticed so far is the very rapid change of images, I noticed the how ruff and fast (?) the editing is. In 20 seconds there were at least 13 jump cuts and about 2-3 camera tracking ( I mean when camera follows the line of action). So the scene had to be played dozen of times, if not more, just to have enough takes to work with.

I was drawing it in Photoshop.
Also, its evident that my storyboarding here isn't neat, I mean I was trying to find the most efficient, the fastest drawing style which would bring out the largest amount of information.
At moments I see, there is even too much of information , for example,there's really no need to redraw (or copy-paste in this case) the environment since we are already acquainted with the set and it only distracts us from information about the action, lighting etc.

So I have another 40 seconds to 'decipher' . :)


  1. "spectacular, spectacular" :-)

    Great to see you getting stuck in already - and suddenly it becomes clear just how many shots are 'invisible' until you really start looking for them... editing is magic!

  2. Definetly true - never before did I pay atention to the editing. Or how wide the terminoilogy is, how many codes (BCU MCU or MLS and so on ) it has :D
    By the way, thank you for clarifying what lightning really is :D :D

  3. So this is what you were painting yesterday, nice ^^

  4. Great stuff Jolanta, the sketches and colour look incredible. Thanks for the comments on my narrative, they were all helpful :)