15 Jan 2010

Work progress

The difficulties come from where I didn't expect them.
I have problems to reach the desired effect of the cloth dropping on the objects. I want it to almost wrap objects but it rather covers them like a firm carpet.
I played a lot with the material presets giving to the cloth different types of material ( for example silk, which most of all looked like a heavy carpet) I also tried changing the gravity (from 9.8 to even 50 or 500 :D ) But that still didn't gave the effect. I also used wind settings. that slightly improved the looks.

So in the end I tried to further shape the cloth using soft deformations. Even if it gives the better result.. still feel kinda bad.
And what about the UV's ? after deformation, isn't it going to exaggerate the texture I would apply?


  1. You nutter, take my advice, don't burden yourself with nCloth just yet. There are way more important things to learn here like modelling efficiency, clean UV's and texturing. Plus realising your concept art to the best of your ability. I'd say at the most, run a cloth simulation like you have, duplicate the cloth object, delete the first one and delete the history on the duplicate. It should then be a polygon, and sculpt it to fit, use soft selection in the move tool along with sculpt poly tool.

  2. I saw your edit regarding the UV's. It doesn't matter so much, once the texture is on you'll see if anything stretches, you can open the UV texture editor and readjust some UV's to make them work and the texture fit again.

    As for using the soft select to alter the mesh, why does that make you feel bad?