12 Jan 2010

Film Review: Blue Velvet

“Blue velvet” strongly reminded “The Cook the Thief His wife & Her Lover” with its characters, lightning and the overall feeling it gave.
Though this film wasn’t as hard to watch as “The Cook The Thief His wife & Her Lover”.

Maybe because the story didn’t seem as intense (even the parts where Georgina and her lover were together were very unsettling – what if Albert is going to catch them??)

The sets. I noticed the strong use of foreground midground and background. Ant the space has the maximum depth it can . The bathroom is “way out there” in Dorothy’s apartment but the action still happens in there leaving our eyes to watch the action out there but still be aware of the space closer to us.

Unhomely. I think this time home turned out to be a place insafe. It’s not likely to experience abuse, threat, to meet completely strange and unexpected people. It feels slightly different from for example “The Stepford Wives” where home evoke a feeling of fake and “waxy”.


  1. Evening Jolanta!

    A characteristically insightful and intelligent review! And i like the contrast with The Stepford Wives.

  2. Hi Jolanta! I am surprised that you found this film easier to watch than The Cook... I found it much more unsettling! I think it was because The Cook had a much more theatrical to it, whereas Blue Velvet was to me a lot more realistic...

  3. Yes! I think at the Cook there was this extra reality to it .. Thought, true, both characters were very unpleasant :D