21 Jan 2010

Digital set, lightning, texturing, final render

It was interesting to watch how the image changed adding each element. Though you become so connected with your work that you loose the ability to see everything objective :D

I counted 23 light, 25 different shaders in the scene. Of course, the numbers do not matter if it's not helping for the scene...
All the textures are painted or created from scratch.

I didn't blog so thoroughly, but I did some research , followed tutorials ( for example for the lightning), used lots of references all the time to correctly paint the textures, catch the right proportions and scales. I hope these things that I didn't put evident on my blog are evident in my work.

I tried to bring the original idea captured in the concept drawing as much as I could, but still did some minor changes where I felt they were necessary. The goal was, and always is, to produce an interesting image. Interesting enough for someone from besides be willing to look at it at least for... 7 seconds :) I really hope our 5 weeks of work is worth of those 7 seconds :D


  1. It's good that you recognize the fact that it's extremely hard to view your own work objectively already. You have to get people involved in looking at your work and telling you where things are working, that's how your work becomes better.

    The fact you didn't blog some of the reference stuff isn't an issue, you have presentations on crit for a reason. You can simply make that point clear then ;-]

    The reason I'm posting is to say I like how the image came out. Good job.

  2. Thanks alot :) a view from someone alot more experienced is allways valuable to me :)