17 Dec 2009

Research: Rene Magritte

'Magritte (born on November 21, 1898, in Lessines, Belgium) was a Surrealist who used out of place and out of proportion imagery to provoke thought.'

(Read more: http://www.artcyclopedia.com/artists/magritte_rene.html)

His works represent combinations of the ordinary and the unexpected ( such as a giant apple in the room or naked women gradually becoming a sky),
And the ways he creates this surreal looking imagery are very .. genius simple. Just odd combinations – he mixes foregrounds with backgrounds (the image with the lady on a horse), adds new attributes to materials ( blue colour to skin , „flying“ rock) and so on.
But still, he keeps a certain level of realism - he applies real textures to things, perspective rules , realistic lightning, real proportions. I think that‘s why we find ourselves even more confused of what we see – the image is surreal all wright, on the other hand, it looks real. Therefore, I think the work becomes ambiguous


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