2 Dec 2009

Initial ideas

This time I really took the advice to start drawing whenever there's a thought in the head.
I tryed to capture only ideas, so there are no strong solutions of composition or the things that should include in the scene.
1. The piano and the laying-body-sahpe shadow behind it. The old and rusty piano, some things under and above it and the shadow on the wall of a person. As if the place wasn't used for a while ( the stuff on the piano) and compeletely abandoned (the dirt or dusts and the lying, assumingly dead person's body) in such way creating a feeling that the familiar has now a new flavour - maybe because of death or because this place was forgotten and unucsed for a while - that made it strange.
2. The room of incorrect scaling. There's everything that is familiar,but in the same time different.
3. The stuffed toy in the factory. Maybe a bit clishe. The cousy toy (not necceserally Teddy) shown in unfamilliar light - shown whe he is beign stuffed in a cold bluish factory.
4.The loft. ordinary room. but there'sa mirror which reflects other atmosphere from next doors - a cold streem of light, that changes the perception of previously well known room.
5. Tou shop. A old school toy shop where there are lots of stuffed bunnys, that somehow appear in their unusual light. They look abit grotesque, just bizzare with their expressions, poses. An there's ,as usual, the cold light from the window.
6. The repetetive simbols.
A street shown in the night or the very early (pinkich, orangy) time of very simmilar or actually the same houses, only mere detailes different, few decorations vary ( garbidge spilt here and there, papers)

I prefer the idea with the piano, cause it perhaps would be more interesting to make. But Maybe there will be opinions from outside about which idea produces the feeling of uncanny the best? Would be helpful :)

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