16 Dec 2009

Idea's development. Elephants and spaces

I think I want to go further with my idea for the project. A bit away from uncanny closer to other species of ambiguous.
I really tried to forget the movies, stories and the research just for a while. And go to fields of fantasy :D
So. The result.
Id expand the space , the room with covered furniture. I'd include doorway to other rooms and stares second floor. Giving few more options for eyes to go around. And than we See this room with covered furniture and we see (only)leg of an elephant (or a horse in that other room which we can see through that opened doors.
And for some reason I'm still thinking to leave minor other marks.Like papers fallen out of the draw.

Maybe it starts to look to .. unnecessarily detailed. But I think that would raise a whole lot of questions to my mind,( An Elephant???) therefore it would be ambiguous.


  1. okay - interesting development (do you know the English saying 'the elephant in the room?' - look it up). I think you should have a look at the paintings of Rene Magritte - they have the same domestic + surreal elements as you're describing...

  2. Ok :) I found the meaning of the saying :D
    And I'll check out the painter :)