8 Dec 2009

Film Review: The Stepford Wives

From the very first scenes I noticed the Edward Hopper style images ( the view to the actress staring through the window, giving the nostalgic sense).

I noticed this painterly style, clearly visible in the perfected world and at the end of the film, where everything began to look more Caligari like ( strong use of blues, especially when Joanna comes back from the psychologist, strong white lights and shadows that looked as if were drawn on the walls.

But there were signs, again, as in the Repulsion. For example, the man who was carrying the manikin along the street, as if that was giving a clue about the very ending .

I began to feel uncanny where children in the bus were very cold, calm and soundless. Where all the wives seemed to be a copy of a copy. And definitely the last image of the eyeless new Joanna. And the lack of such use of ‘special effects’ made this image even more disturbing and effective at the moment. I was unprepared: D

This version of the film, I think, is more suggestive than the remake.

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