23 Nov 2009

The Judgmenet room concept

This scene from "The Pit and the Penulum" is where the character is before he finds himself in the dungeon. He feels in the judgement room very disy and all to him apears 'imperceptible' having only the clues of reality.
For example, the candles to him appear to be angels, but only after an instance they resemble devils to him. The judge draperies wave imperceptibally and the judge himself appears to be a some sort of odd, grotesque creature to the charecter.

So this peace should be ... more luce, 'dream-like' than others.

Huge thanks for the photoshop tutorials of how to make draperies.


  1. Evening Jolanta,

    Okay, I know it's week 5 and you're probably looking to wind up your submission, but I must be honest with you and say that I experience difficulty 'reading' this image. I see from your comments above that it has been your intention to generate a more subjective image that reflects the state of mind of the protagonist - BUT - and it's a big 'but' - this image feels too illustrative (like a story-book picture), and doesn't create 'space'; in professional terms, this isn't 'concept art' as it might be used to guide the production design of an animation or film, but rather a 'picture' ; for this reason, I think you need to re-examine your intention in light of the brief itself; the unit is called Space - and not 'Illustration' - I think here, your personal style has become a cataract obscuring the audience's experience of the scene... I know this isn't good news (and I don't want to suggest that the image you've produced isn't without interest), but compositionally, it just isn't working; my eye is lost; I think you need to rethink your visual structuring of the space and go for something less baroque.

  2. Hmm, for some reason I was woried about this peace the most. :D Ok, I'm going to work on this :)