30 Nov 2009

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

‘’One of the films that has generated the most heated and long-running debates about its political intentions’’
This was produced in the era when America obsessed over the 'Red Menace' ( the fear of communism) but is far more ambiguous in its message
As in much first-class science fiction, the narrative insinuates its potential to be read as a metaphor for issues rooted in contemporary civilisation.
Interpretations: <…> Some regarded it as palpably anti-Communist, as the pod people reject individualism <…> in favour of collectivism and the elimination of behavioural or economic difference.
A more popular interpretation thought it to be anti-McCarthyist, (Period of political persecution during the 1950s, led by US senator Joe McCarthy, during which many public officials and private citizens were accused of being communists or communist sympathizers.)
In its depiction of individuals betrayed by former friends and hunted down by a united majority in order to assert the supremacy of the dominant political system.<…>

<…> analysis <…>provided by Tracy Knight argues <…> that Invasion of the Body Snatchers have “'Rorschach plots', fictional inkblots that playfully interact with us and our beliefs. Their ambiguity invites us to project our own interests and biases upon the story in order to wrest meaning from their tantalising lack of explicitness” .The idea of a 'Rorschach plot' is of far greater importance in understanding this film, and Siegel's wider oeuvre, than pinning down the truth of one interpretation over another.

More info:
Invasion of the Body Snatchers. BBC Home Review. Wood, David.

Don Siegel. Allison, Deborah.



Personal interpretations:
A great example showing attempts to fight against a ‘bigger force’, a story about how to never give up and constantly try to beat the enemy.
The main character showed a great deal of bravery and inner force.

What I noticed also, was the very interesting main characters. Their facial expressions and gestures. The absolute beauty of both of them.

About the sets. This time I paid a lot of attention to the lightning. It appeared to me highly controlled and designed. Throughout all the movie there were parts when only the shiluette, mere contours of the figure could be identified. And yet after an instance all the attributes were clear again. There was a constant and contrastive shifting between shadows and light.

This film really captured me.

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