5 Oct 2009


Can a portrait reveal persons inner essence, soul?

What is the purpose of different styles in depicting the portrait?

What kind of idea about identity is represented by portraits in digital culture?

how does a constant surrounding of portraits influence identity?


  1. I'm so confused about the essay questions.. Really need some advice which question to pick.

  2. Choose the one that comes from within yourself, get a feeling for the whole idea of the course and it will come to you J.J ok?
    Good Luck ;)

  3. I guess I'll need to start to meditate :D

  4. Interim Review - Unit 1: Anatomy 06/10/09

    Hi Jolanta,

    What your blog makes clear is your total commitment to resolving an 'accurate' or 'truthful' way of showing your inner life; some evocative pencil studies... I can't see any clear winners yet, as all ideas have potential for further development; I saw your response re. worries about your portrait becoming a mess if you were to go the 'atomised' route, but as a designer/artist you are in control of how far the aesthetic goes; check out pointillism artists at


    Certainly, the notion of pixels or points is a 'truthful' way of talking about the difficulty of expressing identity in a single image.

    In this sense, I think it would be intelligent of you to pursue the essay question which asks 'the purpose of different styles in depicting the portrait' - as this investigation would enrich and inform your own creative project; consider Expressionism, for example - where the mark-making mirrors psychological states - perhaps most famously, Edvard Munch's The Scream


    Also, the use of screen print by Andy Warhol - using mass-production to 'flatten' celebrities and reduce them to commodities.

    I think this is a very clear idea; you would need to select clear examples of artists whose technique/mark-making etc have a direct correspondence to the emotional state or identity of their subjects. You would need to support these choices with quotes supporting your observations. I think it's a good one!

    On another subject: I am trying to organise for you a space in which you can get 'messy' - I'll keep you posted.

  5. thank you for ALL the given advice :) It was very helpful :)

  6. Dear Jolanta,

    I spoke to a member staff who teaches on National Diploma on the lower 3rd: their day finishes at 4pm, and she said it would be okay if you wanted to paint and work down there after 4? On monday - remind me, and I'll try and take you there and introduce you...

  7. oh! Thank You very much !! :D