29 Sep 2009

trees, little me and etc.

One day I noticed that trees are made out of many leafs ( :D ), but the tree (his shape) it self resembles the leafs.. The person is also "made" out of litle himselfs:
we change during our lives. Every yeastersay's version of us is changed by today's version, and today's version will be changed by future's version of ourselves. So there is.. 365 of us a year. A little diffrent (in appearance, mood etc..) every day.
So todays personality is made out of every past versions of us, that's what i wanned to say :D

First idea:
To show it i thought maybe to paint a self portrait with specially made bruches - litlle portraits.
The picture would be vibrant ( I think very lively) It would not be so important to make it realistic ( I guess I wouldn't succeed to do that anyway :D )

After a while I thought to concentrate on face, and aspecially on the eyes. And not to make the portait from the adapted bruch, but from actual photos, drawings, sketches of myself.

Its not a mask, it's a part. face is made out of parts. Its just that the part where the eyes are would be made out of little faces. (photos, drawings etc., not by a "special bruch" )

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