15 May 2017

New Nerf Toys in Mcdonld's UK

A range of wearable/active play  inspired Nerf toys out now. It was an interesting program to work on and avoid many pitfalls of  'perceived gun' , safety hazards and achieve a gender neutral appeal... phew.

I was told, colleague's little girl hid her toy from her sibling to keep it all to herself   > . <  That really made me smile


  1. These are great JJ. I can tell it's not your normal cup of tea, but you got the (non)gun and gender balance thing to come across really well.

  2. Thanks for popping by Tom (:] it certainly was outside of my comfort zone :D and not with plenty of time to complete it..

    1. Haha! It wouldn't be any fun if you had too much time!