17 Nov 2014

Rio 2 Toys

Just realized that these birdeys have been released to the markets and I can finally share with you the designs ! (:] They have a very special place in my heart, these toys. 2 and a half years ago it was my first program I worked on for Nestle CPW at The Marketing Store.

At the time all we had was a couple of lines of script on what's gonna happen in the film and a small (very pixelated) drawn designs of the little frog character. I personally love these little whistle figurines..


  1. Whoohoo, you're my hero! :) X

    Also - my 40th birthday party in January - you're invited! :) I'll email you time and place!

    1. Thank you so much Phil, you make me laugh :D And I'm looking forward to the time and place for your 40th! (:]