14 Nov 2013

Hiatus Kaiyote Portrait Landscape

Amazing Hiatus Kaiyote are an independent future soul group based in Melbourne. 

They are absolutely lovely so I decided to give it a go and practice portrait skills by drawing them up. I've tried to capture the likeness more than anything else, but kept the personal style too. The piece took me about 8 -9 hours to complete. 

Following portraits are of are Nai Palm, Paul Bender, Perrin Moss and Simon Mavin.

And more on the music they play, Hiatus Kaiyote has a style that can’t be easily pinpointed. Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Tupac Shakur, Flying Lotus, traditional flamenco and music from Mali and Colombia have influenced the group.  They're touring in Europe now and  I will see them in London Village Underground, soon. Who knows, maybe will be able to say hello (:] 

Check them out, maybe they will be to your liking too :] 

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  1. Nu tikrai malonu klausyt, matos už ką patinka.