13 Feb 2013


Flavoured Owl Ice-cubes! Just a random combination that popped in my head. A fun theme  and a little challenge there, to render a believable ice-cube looks. I hope they are still recognisable as cute little owl characters :] ( they go well with lemons! )

Here is a gif showing  how I've achieved stylised icy looks:

  photo making-of-an-owl-ice-cube_zpsb065bbb9.gif


  1. pretty gorgeous, JJ!

    Listen - there's something happening on the course soon - a sort of live commission meets speed paint challenge type-thing - that's kicking off in a few weeks time which I'd really like you to take part in - I'll give you more info nearer the time :)

  2. I, for one, welcome our new ice-owl overlords.

  3. Hi Phil! I'll have to take part then (:D
    thanks Tom , your compliments ( and even more constructive criticism) is always welcome :]

  4. Hey JJ, loving these owls. They seem so perfect for 3d. Hope all is well :)

  5. Thanks Jordan! (:] your study paintings are impressive too you know. Thanks a lot! (:]

  6. thanks Alan! Someone should have them on offer, they'd be great :D