29 Jan 2013

Hank the Gorilla Animation

 Meet  Hank, the saxophone player. Lately I was working on series of 30 seconds long web animations. Much like with Detonation Ident for Ice Age Musics, I suggested a flash-style animation for the client. All in all this little project helped me flex those particle and sprites 'muscles', animating skills and design work. Much like Phil said some time ago , 'a one-woman studio' :D 

Another thing I should mention for those interested and looking for some gigs, there is a very neat website, called People per Hour. It offers great range of freelance projects to take part in! From logo design to 3D visualisations and even filmmaking!  It is something similar to Guru, Elance, but focuses more on England-based clients and freelancers.


  1. One woman studio, indeed! And thanks for sharing the People Per Hour site - would you be happy to 'Group Blog' it?

  2. Hi Phil!

    For sure ,I'll make a public post : ]