12 Dec 2012

Stage Visual Design and Animation

At the end of November I've been involved in an exciting project. The task was to create variations of visuals for stage performance. Key topic asked to develop luscious and bizarre visuals with a performative aspect to it.
I've created some concept images, which inspired the clients to give me freedom with this one :]

The video shows several sequences which were taken apart and looped at the event:

This involvement has been great so far, and it seems there is another project, even more challenging, waiting for me ahead. I'm quite excited.

It is good timing for me, cause few days and I will finish my splendid experience in creative product team, TMS worldwide  (Big thanks to Tom,  Dave and Bryn!)


  1. Wow, that's much cooler than I managed to create....
    I didn't time manage around the narrative, postmodernism and character design well enough for coolness like this :P

  2. hi Nat! (:] Deadly busy is not lack of time management :D I see your stuff is looking amazing, for sure takes lots of time :]