19 Feb 2012

Vaiva's Concept Design

Baltic Pixies general portrayal is for the creatures to be quite sexy and inviting, yet brutal and dangerously animal-like. Their long hair is tangled,  rock-nails sharp, they have massive lips and breasts,  and chicken skin underneath straw-clothing. Some of them are  beautiful, with golden or white dresses, big eyes but nonetheless have the chicken skin and legs. But the queen of their kind, Vaiva, caries  some sophistication to her, mainly in the attire,  worthy of a queen. 

Other motifs include dragonflies and amber. 

Together with the background, which is a complimentary to the dominant character design colour, green, I tried to use full spectrum of color wheel. 

In my personal opinion, the design here is not the mind-cracking one, because this project seems to ask one not: quite familiar female character, with modest moderations to suggest chicken-woman and some fancy decorative costume design. 

I’m  in the between the idea that this is PRECISELY what I needed and can move to some detailed designs of hands, head and so on, or that maybe  should loosen up and give another attempt to get some potentially more interesting designs. 


  1. Personally, I think you're right about her - she's not super, super stylised in some avant-garde way - rather, she must have sophistication and regality - and them some strangeness - just enough - a really good balance, I think is found in the creature design for Dren - from the movie Splice


    If you haven't seen it already - you should - I think Dren - as an adult female - would be a very useful reference to you in terms of character and performance - and maybe in terms of the design of her face too.

  2. I will say, however, that there's something not quite right about her feet somehow - don't quite know what to suggest, but there's something a bit off about the proportion - they just feel too small to me -and really as if they should have more in common with her hands - in terms of proportion etc. Thoughts?

  3. In response to Phil's thoughts on the feet, they remind me too much of a dinosaurs'. Maybe lengthen the toes to make them more chicken like? Other than that the design is looking good so far :)

  4. I see, I see the point! the feet are actually using slightly different logics of the design and therefore look off, I'll revisit them. Thank you for the advice !

  5. Footless sandals for referencing etc. Hope it helps :)