13 Feb 2012

Initial Voiceover and Design Ideas

Jenny Dunbar is a voiceover artist I am collaborating with for this project. She kindly did 7 different variations of the Baltic Pixie (laume) monologue, of which I chose three so far. However, she encouraged me to get back to her should I see some changes are needed.

And the shortened version of monologue 1 with a background music, taken from Lithuanian composer's A. Sasnauskas album 'Pixie  tales - Forest' ("Laumes Pasakos - Miskas)

Also, I have brainstormed some ideas for the character design:

These are the ones from before, for comparison:

So I'm starting to see least one direction her desing can be going for, I'm starting one of Vaiva's Concepts:

On a side note, here is the background sheet I'll use for documenting the Production of The Baltic Pixie:


  1. JJ, you look like you are really beginning to loosen up with your sketches now. The greyscale line up is really good. Very good anatomy - especially the legs. Good stuff!

  2. thank you Justin! Very grateful for any comment or advice you give :]

  3. JOLANTA! Jenny's voice-over is FABULOUS! :) :) :) So exciting - what a performance - perfect - a bit sexy, full of whispers - it's fantastic!

  4. just listened to the shortened version too - I think the music is great - but there is power to the spoken word too - kept clean and plain; you should perhaps consider, taking some of the more abstract sounds from the music and using them in a more 'soundscape' way - perhaps slowing them, and turning them into 'vibrations' and 'ambience' that come and go out of the silence. I think you should weave the music in and out and use it for emphasis; you've got such an asset in that performance that I would be tempted to use it very honestly; this could be utterly mesmeric, and don't underestimate the power of the talk track. The talk track made me want to curl up in a bedtime story way - really wonderful - and your character designs are very promising. I'm very excited by this project, JJ :D

  5. Thanks Phil, for giving this feedback after, I believe, an exhausting day ( everynoe wanted a little piece of you, and what a queue there was from all year students!)

    I'll definitely have a play with the 'soundscape' , like you are suggesting. Currently buiding a draft animatic.

  6. ha ha - yes - I didn't leave until pretty late, but there's lots of exciting work in the offing and I always like this time! I know you've shortened the dialogue for sensible reasons, but the bit about the babies is very creepy, so it would be a shame to lose it - anyway, that's easy for me to say because I don't have to lip-synch anything! :)

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