18 May 2011

Third day at Picassopictures

 This day had its new flavour in that nothing elementary is a mystery any more (how to get to the building, which directory to use, who to report to or ask for work, where to have lunch ect.) . Oppositely, I started my day knowing where is my place and what I’m supposed to work on.

Today I’ve modelled another creature and prepared 3 others for texturing. Director also trusted me to  texture them . He’ll provide reference sheets for materials, a direction he wants me to follow and asked for my own input and interpretation on it as well. That was some good news for me. I’ll be using an epic size pen tablets, so it seems I will be able to actually put some kinetic energy to the paintings: D

He also told more about the game these creatures will be in. Basically a player will fight every creature in each level.

Other news include that two main workers at Picasso are leaving for a short time. They have one  worker to replace them, however Inga warned the studio might throw anything to us, practicioners,  so we best be prepared.

Also today I met a freelance illustrator, Shelley Revill,  who not so long ago won The Puffin Digital Prize. She  shared her “tips and tricks” how to get involved in freelancing  projects. It seems that members of the studio in general agree that freelance experience in general is a good thing and a “should do”. The downside is the uncertainty of scedule, whether there will be a job . There are ups and there are downs, a stressful game.

But to get back to Shelley, here's some of her illustrations: 

For more go to  wriggleplum 

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