21 Jul 2010

Summer Holidays: Sketching out Ideas

There was a solid brake from blog posting, but on the other hand I was busy trying to capture at least some of the ideas I got during my summer holidays, campings and trips . There's clearly a variety of ideas, but after drawing them out of my head I see wich one's still intrigue me and I'd still like to get back to them.

After getting back to Lithuania I met a lot of friends , with those from art school we desided to make a little summer practise like we used to. So this is the panorama from a mound we saw and were drawing.
At the same "summer practice" an element of a ship suggested what is in this drawing.

I discovered othat one of my favourite themes could be ballet. This is not a first time an idea in topic comes.

The idea of a nun-train was inspired while I worked at a UCAS faire. There were plenty of prospective students who we had to advice about the perspectives of studying at UCA. I just couldn't believe of the variety of caracters I saw there :D a group of pupils were ..particularly inspirational :D . But this drawing still.. lacks of the feel and proportions I imagine. But if it were to be developed further , I guess that would be fixed.

Another idea of giant monster formed out of mountain of trees came during a bycicle trip to sanctuary park here in my home country. The sketch captures quite clearly the creature I imagine, but sadly not the mood and environment.

I think this is just a simple abstract, stile practise. Looks more like it served as a meditation :D

The few composition ideas for the birds outter environment.. much development needed clearly :D

This is one of my favourites. The image came just before falling to sleep. But now it looks that it might have been just a flashback of one of my favourite Hayao Miyazaki's films My Neighbour Totoro (Dir. Hayao Miyazaki; 1998). Or maybe not.. Because I visualized a very interesting "Anatomy" of the creature ( for example mouth actually being joint to the .. fur and the skin of the creature).

Next two weeks I'm back at Rocehster to work at summer school. God knows what kind of ideas I'll get after working with 15-16 year olds :D


  1. The dancer and the abstract meditation drawings are my favourite. Good luck in the summer school.

  2. Cheers! :) I saw your animation test :) and really really hope to see some more :) good luck with that! :)

  3. JJ! Beautiful work here - I especially like the one - second from bottom - which does seem to synch with your fancy chicken and that world of sails, buildings and birds. I love the qualities in these drawings, JJ - very evocative stuff. You know, I strongly recommend that you hand-draw/paint all your textures; I'd love to see your style survive the transition into CG... and it's nice to have you blogging again! :-)

  4. Thanks Tom !
    Thanks Phil :)

    And yes, I'm taking your advice to hand draw the textures, the sheets of paper are ready :)

  5. Some lovely images here Jola. My eyes are instantly drawn to the ballet character one(Naturally) of which I really love how you've drawn the legs. Nice job. As for Phil's suggestion of hand painted textures, I am eager to see where that takes you. It's certainly something I wish I had incorporated more into my work (although there's still plenty of time to do that!)

    How are your Holidays going?

  6. Hi Jolanta,

    Greetings from California. Liking your drawings, particularly your environments (second from bottom). A lot of scope for imagination. Also your character too (Bottom). Very 'animatable' - I can imagine his personality and movements just by looking at his expression.

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  8. Thanks Jon :) I'd guessed that :D so far I'm having an adventurous summer :) hope you are having a good one aswell ( it looks like so from the pictures of graduation :D )

    Thanks Alan! Somehow I succeeded to catch just the expression I imagined.
    Wish you all the best time in California! :)

  9. Please check out these links to see what I get up to during the summer...