6 May 2010

Animatic for the Life cycle of a Slime Mold

The Animatic is a useful reference for the timing of animation later on in the stage of production. Though there will be changes.

Most importantly, this was the first time I started thinking about soundtrack so early ( before it was always considered only as a final touch). Now it is clear how much it can influence the later construction of animation as well as how much easier it is to imagine the action with the help of music.

Hopefully this piece of soundtrack ( from V for Vendetta (DIr. Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski, 2005)) works.


  1. Evening JJ,

    Music is fab... but - just to be clear; the slime mold - is it on the ceiling of the cave? I think we discussed that it was, right? So the slime mold is on the ceiling, it forms into a fruit, releases spores and then the spores float down from the ceiling and settle again on the floor of the cave... if this is right and I understand your concept correctly, then it seems to me that your animatic is upside down; in terms of 'line of action', everything should be orientated from the top to the bottom; so when we pan into the cave, we should be panning up towards the ceiling; then the forming slime blob should be 'hanging down' - otherwise the spores floating down through the light beam doesn't make sense to the viewer - right now, it's 'okay, the slime blob is on the floor' and then 'oh no, wait a minute, the spores are dropping down from the ceiling - what?' Can you make all of this clear - and also, regarding the light beam - it should also be present in your establishing shot of the cave - you should show some light beams then, so that when we see it again in a later scene, the audience doesn't go 'Where did that come from?'

    More generally, if you get this basic stuff right, your animation is going to be beautiful! :-)

  2. yes, the discussed concept is what I'm aiming for.
    Ok, so there are two ways as I understand: to flip all the "pictures" ( the composition of the action) upside down or
    from the establishing shot camera could be rotating to match what we see in the animatic, and in the end rotate "back" before the point of spores falling.

    If I'm expressing it clear ...

    And I'll definetly make the corretions :)

  3. Amazing Jolanta, love the music.

  4. Cheers! :) This music was always around in my head. This, or one from Moulin Rouge actually :)But yeah, After 11 times of listening of each, this looked better