21 Mar 2010

Seeing Px3+J=? exibition

This Saturday couple of us went to Whitstable to see tutor Phil's photoshop Phil's and also one another Phil and Jan work exibition.

After a day few works I saw there are still in my mind, in particular, three: Astrantia major ( tutor Phils pfotography of a flower), totem 7 ( Jan's picture of abandoned constructions in the beach) and plaster head 10 ( photoshop Phil's work of a man with pilots hat and goggles)

But in truth there was more to enjoy, since a variety of works in different medias was presented such as sculpture, photography and paintings.

Also a variety was suggested in concepts, like (as we disscussed all together) from no deep concept (Like Photographies of Phil's flowers ) to such a developed one that without knowing about it I wouldn't have understood the purpose of art exibited. That would be an example of Jan's pictures of himself naked in the indoor's environment.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of both the ewxibition and the lovely town of Whitstable and ofcourse the seeside :)

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