9 Nov 2009

The Fall of the House of Usher: compositions, further object studies

I'm trying to make trees look like creepy hands.Not completely obvious though. And I'm really thinking about the style.. I would probably want to draw more cartoony, or simply more stylized concepts for this story.
4 different compositions.
In two smaller ones, the main thing is the overall view, the landscape and the atmosphere.
The left one is the "layered" one, like Phil gave advice to make a way for the eye to travel through :D SO I arranged a journey for the (the eyes) in that example.
And of course the very "perspectivy" house. Here I would concentrate on the "character" , on the concept of the house, it's details.


  1. These are great Jolanta! I love the creepy trees, very like skeleton fingers grasping out,or even giant spiders legs...

  2. GREAT! a guess the most unpleasant think would have been if someone said thei look nice or beautyful :D creapy is what I reached for :D Thank you !

  3. Brilliant Jolanta a forest of those would have my skin crawling