10 Mar 2016

Adventure Time Toys are Out @ Mcdonalds Restaurants UK !

Cartoon Network's Adventure Time  is rad animation series. It was a lot of enjoyment to lead the development of the toy range and work together with Molly.

Large part of good luck  came down to cartoon network being very open to our suggestions , we were allowed to restyle the looks of 32 characters for the vinyl toy inspired figurine range! That was a rare freedom...

So the simple idea behind it was that the crazy loopy animation characters could mix and match to make weird combinations. The heads clip off to go with any body in the range. 32 figurines make for 1024 different possible combinations!  All the figurines follow a proprietary shape , with unique detailing to each character.

The promotion is running for the extended 8 week length at  McDonald's restaurants, UK. In the set , there are 2 character figurines and a sticker sheet.

I have to admit, it is still my fave toy design project to date. I was eager to share about these ones. I hope you enjoy them (:]