6 Feb 2012

Visual Inspiration : Costume Design

Fashion is one of the sourcees for inspiration for  Baltic Pixie's (laume) character .

Lee Alexander McQueen a British fashion designer and couturier, known for his tailoring. His works are juxtapositions of strength and are infused with emotional power and raw energy, making it a provocative fashion.

Scuba diving was A. McQueen’s hobby and a source of inspiration for the his Spring Summer 2010 Plato’s Atlantis collection. It is one of his great fashion shows, exhibiting highly varied designs.

His work is fascinating for the designs  are very distinct from each other with types of material, chroma and tone values, shapes but at the same clearly fall under single theme for they evoke a particular feeling , that similar to what one experience surrounded by underwater life: cold underwater  holds unfamiliar alternate life forms yet fascinating and gorgeous.
I was looking at most of other McQueen's collections too and selected most inspiring examples to me personally. I use these examples to inform and inspire how clothing can contribute to sculptural form and add loads of character. I'll quickly discuss some examples.

in these images I found neckline and shoulders very interesting.

 these hold some great ideas of how texturing could be solved or what kind of elements can accompany the design

I am sure it will take some smart thinking what it comes to solving the scirt so it is both sueted to the desing purpose but doesn't get in the way when it comes to animating the character.

These images reminde of smart referencing to traditional folc clothing. Sort of reinterpretted and suited to the character. For example the heavy-looking traditional costume perhaps would need tweaking to suit playful and irrational Baltic Pixie (laume).

These Costume Designs hold fantastic ideas, it really frees up the thinking of how impactfull can a costume be.

Dragonflies are reference to Baltic Pixies as in baltic languages Dragonflie is called Pixie-horse (laum-zirgis). It seems that a. McQueen was incorporating some flies or peacock, for example, into his costumes.

I'd imagine Pixie's legs wouldn't be covered heavily with a skirt or heavy clothing in general, for I'd like to emphasise how morphed she is with chicken ( has chickens/roosters legs) . These images offer ways to emphasise legs.

A. McQueen  fascinating and very sculptural designs accompanied with feeling make them a very striking and memorable works.

Another source of inspiration, the amazing paper works of Nikki Salk And Amy Furry . Their work seems to defy the attributes of a regular paper, but at the same time it gives its elegance and fragility  to the aesthetics of the work . These wig designs simply teach how a character's hair can contribute dramatically. Thanks to tutor Phil for posting these .

I'm intending to post some more visual inspiration, looking at some classic painters and contemporary illustrators.

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