20 Dec 2011

WW Character Presentation Video

Here is compiled character presentation. I chose to show characters in contrast to each other: how obviously different they are in modeling , texturing approaches, and how the time-lapsed animations also embody that difference. To solve some funny perception issues (they looked like about to sniff each other) I have posed the characters slightly differently and increased the distance between them, Hopefully that does it. As for soundtrack, I Used Dave Keefe's earlier soundscape tests.


  1. Hey JJ - just a quick observation: the good wolf doesn't have a visible turntable when it turns, but the bad wolf does - but then you put both wolves on a visible turntable at the end? Do you even need a turnable? If you do, shouldn't it be standard throughout? I know, picky - but I find the visible turnaround a bit distracting....

  2. all of them have the turnables, but I was playing with lens settings and honestly simply forgot to look out for them to be visible at all times.Since turnable is a standtart in such character presentations, I haven't even considered not using them...