4 Oct 2011

Voiceover for The Wolves Within

When  The Wolves Within started, it was clear a voiceover will be needed  (however if it developed in such directions where it seemed to  take something away, we’d loose it) .
Again, the most beneficial website for this was voiceover.co.uk  . There's a variety of choice in categories (mature voice, ageless commercial , deep and so on )
, I introduced our  project  and the course projects ( a showcase 2011 was very handy here). Also, and importantly,  let them understand we are students  . Asked politely  if they  could possibly take it as an unpaid  project.
It seems we’re in a true luck, because all of them three replied immediately.  After few hours we had one recording  by Philip Banks, and still waiting for another to come.
So here it is:

Jack Parell sent 5 recordings of his:


  1. exciting - am loving the American accent "the one you feed" - nice. Your voice over feels as if it should happen before the animation starts - and again I'm left wondering if you could combine this calmer mood with an establishing shot first of the doll (There's a fight going on inside me) which then travels backwards quickly, pulling back through just the suggestion of the space, so that the voice over finishes as the camera arrives at the wolves on the 'start line'

    "The one you feed" - and then, they're off running...

  2. Yes! That's a great suggestion! Because today we were speaking...that the voice over seemingly takes something away when aplied over the animation...

    And yeah, the second video, the other voice acter got back to us. I think he's even nicer :D Had ... a native american tribe leader sense to it :D