23 Oct 2011

Soul , Title and Background Designs

At The Wolves Within,  preproduction is  soon to reach its ends.

To wrap up character design a sort of another one is created  for human soul. Native American doll is a representation for it. Sheet of ideas vary from quite typical puppets in native American art to some more loose ideas which would offer themselves  more as a spirit of mysterious nature.

I quite like the one which is formed of floaty cloth. It keeps the idea of using a doll to represent the soul but pushes it at the same time to suggest a less obvious nature of it. I see it working quite charmingly with the light stream idea in the sacred environment

The developed character and environment designs  suggested an  approach for the title : sharp silhouette goes with flowy shape within it, to embody both the bad and good wolves design language.

Next,  a base sheet to present whatever information was needed . Native american ornament shapes and  the relevant colour pallete was arranged in a way to suggest inner space/ our psyche.

Lastly, these are some  experiments  for the blog banner:

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