12 Oct 2011

The Selection of 4 Wolf Designs

Discussions of the past 2 weeks have directed development of wolves design to these 4, selected out of.. so far 22 different design ideas for both of the wolves. I hope we could select one of each and I could start concentrating on them two. To solve how they  work together and so on.

Wolves might have 'features' of other animals, for example, a bat. They informed these designs as native Americans have a assigned meanings and signs to almost every common animal. For example, Owl being a bad omen, wolf being a symbol for moral teaching, polar bear being a good omen. It was also very common in their culture to give names of an animal to a person, which he deserved. These reasons lead to considering such other-animal incorporation in to the personalities of two wolves.

 It would be very appreciated if you could express your preferences now.


  1. Black, 1, White, 2. Looking good!

  2. Form the top for the bad wolf, drawing number 1 and from the good wolf below drawing number 2 :).

  3. I agree! Evil wolf 1, Good wolf 2. Good Wolf 2 seems to carry quiet dignity. Evil Wolf 1 is definitely getting there. A potent mixture of aggression and snake-like guile. You can also include a spikier tail for him, to distinguish it from the white wolfs more sold, straightforward one.

  4. Thanks Justin, I'm quite happy to know which designs to work on now and will do the changes :]
    Hope to speak to you on Tuesday