29 Oct 2011

Character Fixes

Friday we have discussed designs and if they work from the side and front views , for the wolves. Also, it was clear that the previous soul design was to distinctive where a more general design would suggest easier identification with it.


The wolf’s nose wasn’t following design language of the body that was changed. Also, in the front view, had various issues with legs, width, and head. Hopefully overall, now it is working much better. However, front view often tends to look strange, cause we are missing back legs and all.

For the good one, only little changes in leg positioning ( so it doesn’t feel like falling over) and tail proportions.

 More at the Wolves Within site.


  1. The new soul drawing much better than the first one.

  2. yeah, the first one wasn't hitting the spot.. Thanks Paul! By the way, ignore people being rude to you when you leave criticism, your critique is always welcome :D

  3. Ah! Well I am used to that. People always complement even if they are not convinced, how is that going to help in any way? Keep up the good work!