10 Oct 2011

Animatic #6 with A Soundtrack Composed by David Keefe

Lately for The Wolves Within we were arranging to get someone to compose a soundtrack which would have both, Woodkid's - Iron and Native American tribe music feel to it. And to our big pleasure, Dave Keefe, aka Mustard Kid also a CG Arts  student who graduated few year ago, offered his help :]

The soundtrack you'll hear in this animatic, he calls a demo, adding that rithm can be changed, also not all the elements are yet in place.

Having that and some feedback on our latest animatic # 5, another one is piled together to further tackle the problems of rithm and mood.


  1. Sickk! :D

    I'm having trouble completely feeling/understanding the atmosphere at the start because I think there's a conflict with the narrator's voice and the backing music.

    I don't know if it's just me but the narrator's tone of voice kills or at least downplays the tension the drums bring to the animatic.

    Saying that, I like the pacing a lot- the idea of the music coming in delayed at .08 in sync with the visuals is a noiice touch..
    I also like the little platters at .54, you get the feel of the wolves feet sprinting through the scene.

    inspirational work jj/leo :)

  2. now these kind of comment I just love, true feebback it is! Thanks, cause we are polishing it up and can work on these things :]