5 Jun 2011

Dream Island Execution

Rainy Sunday asked for some serious painting. So I've coloured in the island. The image shows how a combination of matte paining and 3d set work together. Also, and this is the approach I've taken from work placement, this is a single test lambert shader (with transparency and normal maps)to see how colour pass does its work before going any further.

I've referenced festivals and carnivals,  as places for where you experience total joy and excitement,  for this environment. Together with deep rich purple and violet colour pallete I'm wishing to create a rich, dreamy and fluid, most painterly environment out of the three  , where all the elements seem to flow into each other. The challenge is not to make it a pile of stuff . But there is something in the toolkit still waiting , which should be handy for that.  That is  varied shaders, lighting set up, motion (ncloth simulations and animation cycles for props). 

And a CU test:


  1. great to see some new glimpses, JJ! My mouth is watering... :D

  2. Cheers! I was surprized myself, how it is turning out... :D