21 May 2011

End of First Week in Work Placement

It was a nice Friday in Picasso studio. I’ve moved into painting textures. James Boty provided me with reference imgaes and asked to create initial textures for each character, so we could move from there.  

Here is the reference sheet

some of the images are from finkbom's book of their characters. This have me an indication of the style to head for. 

With these images and a short line from director via email: “I would like them to have fairly bright colours and insect like material qualities...quite cartoony...” , I tried to come up with something.  Again, all examples will be shown in unit’s presentation as for half a year no true material can be published.

Texturing asked for quite intricate patterns and , as time is always a limitation, I quickly came up with some ideas. I remembered Bob showing me how Alchemy works. I’ve never used it myself, however thought this is perhaps the best, speediest approach for creating complex creature patterns. I quickly downloaded, installed and after a bit of acquainting I’ve painted patterns , few of them you can see here: (thanks Bob! )

I managed to develop texturing for two creatures. I've sent images to director, and fingers crossed any is going the right way ...

Time went quickly and the week is over . Looking forward to week two! :]

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