13 Mar 2011

Workshop Set

The first environment seems to be ready now. Textures and lighting are set up and good to go.
 Storyboarding indicated areas which required special attention as they have most of the screen time.

Also, as planned, I've created render passes. Ambient oclussion really  brings the graphical details back into the scene.

Ambient Occlussion pass (Max distance 0.7):


Beauty Pass:

Combined passes:

Workshop is the place where Ivan was built. In comparison to other environments it is least colorful, bright and to a degree least uplifting. Though intentions weren't to separate this space from others entirely. It still offers coziness and wishfullness. Little models, wooden plain and symbolic cutouts busy desk suggests someone here is creating enthusiastically and lovingly.


  1. :D

    You're obviously working incredibly hard, JJ - keep at it - your world is looking very unique; I'm looking forward to seeing Ivan in situ.

  2. Thanks Phil :] I'm ... getting there :]