23 Feb 2011

Ready to Go

Finaly, after week and a half Bird's rig is solved!

I have to admit, the rig now is really comfortable to use with lots of freedom for Ivan's changing way of movement (especially concerning walk cycles)
Also, I'm happy that it was possible to have both Bird and Bird-lantern working under single rig so it is all unified and simplier for that reason. 

Ivan's rig was constructed differently from typical character's one as he has some unique constructions. For example, to make his legs work, which are much like a contracting/expanding telescope, a  piston's rig was combined withthe usual leg IK rig . In general, reach was for effective yet simple way of controlling Ivan in his animation. 

Next in the pipeline is test animating the bird to get use to controls and to solve his basic walk cycle together with getting dope sheets for animation ready.


  1. Hey JJ - really looking forward to seeing Ivan 'come to life' - also, I've got your memory stick (white and red?) - I think it's yours - it's in the office on the shelf beside the coffee mugs...

  2. Ah, thanks for letting me know :)