15 Feb 2011

The Outside World

This is a concept of the environment which Ivan first explores and where he becomes a sky-lantern.
In this picture there is a house, a stripe-like field, also woods with "bushes" and at the last layer of composition a mountain.


The colour palette is suited to compliment Ivan, make him stand out. Both blues and creamy colours play as a background colour for Ivan's bright greens and browns.

All the elements are slightly off-scale and appear  2d  and illustrational. I was aiming to create a very fairy-tale-like environments.  This was inspired by fairy-tale books which have pop-up illustrations when you open the page. For example:

Also, I seem to forgot to upload the texture sheets I've drawn a while ago. I use them  for concepts and in future texturing. They are created using  water colours, pastels and water pencils

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