11 Jan 2011

Studio Project Progress

 The latest achievement is to have scientist textured and ready to be copied for different scenes.

I did bare in mind which parts needed most of attention as they are seen the most of time or in a close up in our trailer. For example, majority of time we see scientist's chest and neck.

So the first scene with toymaker performing was 'there is a plan' scene. Where he is in a military base and analyses  ways to shut down alien toy.

Just a note, textures were created by Bob, cup by Earl. I've gathered those elemnts and created lighting, other details to create an atmospheric setting.

Aside to that I've finished the quit demanding scene of meteor's impact on dumpster and its content. I chose to animate each and every element in the waist disposal. The result is here as follows:

Since we are pretty much in postproduction stage I 've started preparing for ideas our group had in mind .
I took another, more in-depth look in our  referencing trailer of Super 8 . It was unbelievable to see what makers have "hidden" in them..

For example, the research showed the 1min 30 sec long trailer had 6 sequences of subliminal cuts. That is usually between 4 to 6 different and very abstract images per frame. This as I found adds to confusion also stresses out  and creates impact.
Similarly I thought to try and use this cinematic technique in our trailer in its post production. So these are  the following  images I've created  for subliminal cuts, one of which is alien's eye itself.

Soon more to come. Watch this space.


  1. Nice Jolanta, your stuff is looking really nice :)

  2. Hello just went to your blog to see if there's any new stuff and wow! Very impressing, keep it up, I'd love to see the toy monster movie once its done :)