28 Dec 2010

World of Ivan: Thumbnails of 3 Environments

So over the time I had in trains, airplanes, while waiting here and there, I drew out the ideas of environment for my transcription project.
First, here are the sketches I did in summer:
A sketch of flow,  shapes, colours and textures I felt for this project:

A background mountain ( Mountain-monster)

Composition solutions and ideas for substance of the Dream Island:

So in continuation I did some more sketching:

I started on solving more acurately  the flow and composition of the island. Each element represents seperate layers .

I wanted to solve the very abstract idea of the Island, to build a  dream-like but  still realistic enough landscape.

Another Idea came, to sugest the reason Ivan is so attracted to that Island. For it has a built tree-house, which fits perfectly as new home to Ivan. It is A center also a focal center of the Island  (Black is see-through holes/windows in the house which allow the light to go through).

So after giving some thought here is the sketch which I'm thinking to now push forward and resolve it to one of the concepts.
The flat and illustrative-looking perspetive is chosen because the idea is it will be the only perspective  shown to the audience.


As for he environment in which everything starts, the garage workshop, it was pretty much straight forward from the very start, especially after some research.

When Ivan leaves the garage and still is not aware of the dream island he is in the backyard. A.. rough sketch for that.


  1. I love this sketch:


    It fits the world you've created perfectly.

  2. Check this guy out! Your style reminds me of his.


  3. Oh my god, I'm following that guy (:D
    Thanks a lot Tom!